Cameras on Cops

The City Council is considering outfitting our cops with wearable cameras. I have been following this issue, as it fits well with my desire to build more public trust for the police. I want this to happen.

I wondered where Councilmember Reich stands on the matter. I looked around and can’t find anything. It is less than three weeks to the election, and this sure seems to be an important part of two core issues; public safety and the City’s budget.

This is a failure of engagement. I saw the MPR link I used above on CM Schiff’s Facebook page. Schiff understands how to connect with his stakeholders. Reich, on the other hand, has a dismal record of outreach and communication.

Think of your top five City issues. Where does Kevin stand? Has he been out and about asking for a diversity of opinion? How can he represent a Ward he doesn’t talk to?

Maybe we need a camera on Kevin to see who he really represents.

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